On-line Tour Help

On the left of the screen is your viewing window, with a picture of what you can see (1) and narrative (3) explaining where you are and any special features.

To move and look around, use the Controls (2). To look left, click on the left-hand eyes; to look right, click on the right-hand eyes; and click on the arrow to move forward. Note that you can only move in the direction in which you are looking!

Special buttons
Using the special buttons (4), which will light up when available, you can get Help (these instructions), find out more Info on the area you are exploring, Look Up, Look Down, Climb, and Jump. We suggest you use the latter with caution!

Route Map
Although not to scale, this map (5) will enable you to see where you are in the Castle or on the Island. Your location is marked by the red dot (6) and the direction in which you are facing by the direction arrow (7).